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THE PRICKLY GOAT - Prickly Pear/Tea Gose - 500ml

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This beer follows a centuries-old style from Leipzig featuring coriander and salt in a bacteria-inoculated sour wort.  A mix of wheat and pilsner malts with a touch of cherrywood-smoked malt and dried fruits provide a subtle base for this wheat ale. The addition of black tea in the mash and the infusion of wulong tea in the dry hopping process allow for the delicate flavors of the tea to express themselves instead of the traditional hops.   Pressed local prickly pear delivers the touch of fruit that ties it all together. 

Malts: German Pilsner, German Wheat, Cherrywood-smoked
Hops: UK First Gold, UK Challenger
Yeast: Hefeweizen, Lactobacillus Buchneri
Adjuncts: Sea Salt, Coriander Seed, Dried Mango, Dried Apricot, Prickly Pear, Palm Sugar, Fiore de Capra cultured goat yogurt, Dian Hong Gong Fu Black Tea, Jin Guan Yin Wulong Tea.

ABV: 5.0%
IBU: 10
SRM: 11

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