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MIDNIGHT'S KISS - Licorice Stout - 500ml

MIDNIGHT'S KISS - Licorice Stout - 500ml

$ 8.00

A unique blend of dark roast malts, black licorice, star anise, molasses and Sambuca in a not too sweet but candy-like stout.  Nose of earth, dark sugars and the sweet aroma of anise.  Delicious velvety texture and mouth feel with a creamy head.  Finishes slightly bitter with the lingering essence of the licorice character.  Black licorice fans will be delighted and the skeptical may be surprised by this interesting combination of flavors.

Malts: GW Pale, Chocolate, Brown, Munich, 120L Crystal, Honey, Roast, Carastan, Special B, Black, Flaked Wheat
Hops: Phoenix, East Kent Goldings, Mt. Rainier
Yeast: Dry English
Adjuncts: Licorice Sticks, Sambuca, Star Anise, Molasses, Cane Sugar

ABV: 8.0%
IBU: 50
SRM: 50

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