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BLACK HEARTED MARY - Imperial Stout - 500ml

BLACK HEARTED MARY - Imperial Stout - 500ml

$ 12.00
A cocoa and coffee infused dark-roast malt bomb finished with Monsooned Malabar coffee beans provided by Raging Sage. Inky black color with a dark brown frothy head.  Nose of pungent earthiness and intense malts.  Dark roasty character of coffee, bittersweet chocolate and black licorice.  This is a great sipping beer for cooler autumn evenings and a wonderful compliment to rich, indulgent desserts.

Malts: GW Pale, Brown, 60L Crystal, Chocolate, Black, Roast, Coffee Special
Hops: Phoenix, Spalter
Yeast: London Ale
Adjuncts: Cocoa, Coffee, Licorice, Dark LME, Amber LME

ABV: 9.25%
IBU: 60
SRM: 50


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