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We operate a small batch, community supported, microbrewery located in Tucson, Arizona. We create craft beers in small handmade batches and bottle all our beer by hand. Our brewing system’s capacity is 2 barrels (that’s about 60 gallons per batch). We mill our barley on site and use only whole grain, hops, spices and yeast in our brewing process. We sell our bottled beer on site which you can purchase in person or online for pickup at our shop.  See our Contact page for brewery location and bottle shop hours.

Our Philosophy

We embrace brewing as an artistic outlet and strive to create expressive beers that let the ingredients speak to you in the glass.  Brought to brewing, the rigor, passion and limitless labor of the artist can transform beer into an experience as deep and memorable as that of more enduring works.  We hope you will join us in celebrating great beer as art and transform yourself a little bit in the process.

Our Beers

We brew and release unique beers on a weekly basis.  We carry 10 standard beers ranging from a Pale Ale to an Oatmeal Stout and a selection of IPA's.  Additionally, we offer seasonal and specialty beers each month, including soured beers. These beers will honor a holiday or event or use a special ingredient of the season.  Follow our Calendar and social media to find out more.

Our Bottles

We package all our beer in re-useable and returnable 500ml (16.9oz) crown cap bottles. Please return your empty bottles to us for re-use, we do not charge a deposit on our bottles.

Tasting & Buying Our Beer

We produce all our beer at our brewery and have a tasting room and retail bottle shop on site. We invite you to stop by for a tasting and purchase some of the beer you like. Our tasting menu includes: 1oz samplers, 4oz, 10oz and 14oz pours, flights of four or enjoy a bottle to stay.  If you are having a hard time making it to the shop during our open hours, you can purchase your beer online and pick it up at a later day or time.


Iron John's Brewing Company was co-founded and is co-owned by John Adkisson and John Markley.

John Adkisson 
Head Brewer

Creative inspiration for the business, John A. has been brewing beer both as a home and commercial brewer for over 25 years.  He has won several national awards for his beer and is recognized locally for his expertise and knowledge in brewing.  He is a certified beer judge and periodically teaches courses in beer making.  He has worked for and consulted with several commercial breweries in Tucson.  His "day job" is as a consulting management accountant. 

John Markley
General Manager

Upon sampling his beer for the first time, John M. made some flip comment about starting a brewery and, as they say, the rest is history and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.  He has had several careers including as a software engineer and as a financial analyst and investment manager.  And he knows a good beer when he tastes one.  His "day job" is as an aspiring woodworker and furniture maker. 


The very old legend of Iron John is an initiatory tale that presents a scenario of a child’s path through life to find his place in the world. It serves as a store of knowledge about self-realization. The tale was written down by the brothers Grimm around 1820, but is believed to be more than 10,000 years old. It was passed down by storytelling as a reservoir of experience to guide new generations into what we could become. It centers on a child deciding to use a key to unlock the cage holding a wild man who represents a worldly, shamanistic mentor, Iron John. The child follows him, growing and learning of the world from this mentor. The choice to use the key is a necessary first step.

My discovery of the Iron John story coincided with my introduction to brewing during a period of changes in my life; marriage, graduation, career change, loss of a parent. I had managed restaurants and put myself through college to become an accountant but felt unfulfilled. I chose to make a change and embraced brewing as an artistic outlet while taking opportunities to gain professional training and experience. Like the rest of the craft beer industry, I began creating more expressive, interesting beers that would lead people to cross over the threshold from the limited choices they had grown up with. I saw this transforming effect as a reflection of the process of self-realization. I chose to adopt the persona of Iron John for my beers as a way of honoring the story. In my twenty-year path to bring the Iron John Brewing Company into being, I have continued to celebrate the spirit of transformation that drinking great beer represents. I hope you will join me in celebrating great beer and transform yourself a little bit in the process.

- John Adkisson

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