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Camp King - Strong Scotch Ale - 750ml

Much like a Scotch whisky, this Strong Scotch Ale contains all the peat and smoke a true Scot would require. Akin to an English barleywine, this brew is characterized by a rich, caramel flavor, moderately high alcohol and dark fruit characteristics. For stylized smoke, malts were smoked with applewood, cherrywood and traditional peat. Oak spirals were soaked in Scotch Whisky for a number of months and then added into brewing process.

Malts: Maris Otter, Crystal, Brown, Victory, Carahells, Applewood smoked malt, Cherrywood smoked malt, Peated malt
Hops: Phoenix, Challenger
Yeast: Dry English Ale
Adjuncts: Oak spirals in Scotch Whisky, cane sugar, applewood smoke, cherry smoke

Batch #: 144
ABV: 8.75%
IBU: 24
SRM: 28

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