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Batch #11 - Big John - American Barleywine


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This is a style originating in England with just over a 100 year history. The name designates a higher alcohol level than many beers, often in the 9 to 14% range, so it is a drink to be savored and sipped. This beer is thick, rich and malty, warming to the palate and belly. The malt character is typified by caramel or biscuit-like notes and can reach delicious levels of toffee and toasted marshmallow complexity. The American versions usually lay generous levels of citrusy American hops under and on top of the complex malts and can age out into truly distinctive treasures.

Our American-style barleywine utilizes Brown, Caramel and Chocolate malts for color and character, dark brown sugar to enhance sweetness and Victory and Special Roast malts for the roasty, toasty notes. Starting at an Orig Grav of 1.088 and finishing at 1.016, this is a full bodied 9+% abv. The Cascade, Willamette and Bravo hops bring in a noticeable 75 ibus of bittering to balance the richness of the malt bill.

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